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Set up

  1. Pull the Case to the edge of trunk and unzip the Case fully, twist the Case in 90o angle to reach around the zippers corner.
  2. Flip down the backseats and place the mattress, pillows and duvet from the Case to the area on top of the flipped down back seats, as to leave space to butterfly the Case into position. Make sure the flip down plate is on top position, pointing forwards as it is easier to unfold the mattress.
  3. Twist the Case 90o ( normal position ) and butterflied fully open in the trunk area with the carbon side facing upwards.
  4. Unfold the Mattress and flip down plate into position. As many people are taller than 180 cm ( 5,9 foot ) moving the seats forward is necessary, but it is possible to move the seats back into position after the bed is set up, this depends on how tall both passengers are. You can alternatively move the Case resting under the Mattress up, as to flatten out the surface more. The Case gives extra support to the lower trunk compartment and is kept stored away.

Pack down

  1. Remove duvet and pillows and fold the mattress into the Case with the flip down system pointing to the bottom of the Case.
  2. Fold Duvet 50/50 then 33/33/33 and place it on the top of mattress. Pillows on top.
  3. Make sure the side-material is tucked clear before you close the case.
  4. Apply pressure in the middle of the Case, then zip one side until the front corner only. Apply pressure on the other side corner, and zip this until the corner while applying pressure. Both zips now go into position in the front part with ease.


We deliver all DreamCase’s with our own rolling pillow design for maximum space efficiency. Roll the backside of pillows into a cylinder, hold it in place using elbow and zip the pillow together. Also the pillow covers have the same design. You can use the pillows in squares or oval shaped configurations.

Basement Storage – 5 seater

  1. Twist the empty Case 90º angle and place it in the bottom of the 18cm ( 7 inch ) storage area under the first trunk plates.
  2. Place the Mattress 50/50 ( 2 part by 2 part folded ) on top in a 90º angle.
  3. To access lower trunk storage compartment, lift the Case and Mattress on the edge.
  4. We are aware that the Case is a tight fit, but we choose to keep the beds width maximized, and not to compromise for this feature to work perfectly.

Quick Pack and Couch Mode

  1. Fold three Mattress parts in a stack at the backside of the trunk. Leave the Case in position as when the bed is setup.
  2. Fold the Duvet 50/50 then 33/33/33 and place it on top of the mattress stack.
  3. Apply pillows either as headrests for Couch Mode or leave them flat for Quickpack and place the rear window shelf in position. Use both arms to squish some air out of duvet, if needed.

Picture Perfect Bed set up

  1. Make sure the mattress is positioned straight before you begin. Place the pillows in a center position using the middle line of the middle console as aim.
  2. Place the duvet with the logo under the pillows, fold the top part, and make sure the logo is centered correctly between the pillows.
  3. Fold the duvet around the mattress on each side, the middle part needs special attention to make the bed fully straight.
  4. Fold the bottom of the duvet on both sides, and then under the mattress edge. Adjust final details.

Tips and notes

  1. Reaching the “Camper Mode” button on the main-screen is possible, but beware that the flip down structure is made out of plywood, and could break if you apply full bodyweight on it. Use one arm to offload some weight on the middle console and you can reach the main screen from the bed. We chose plywood for weight purposes, as plastic would add 1,2 kg more. The flip down system has a zipper incase you break the wood plate, it can be easily replaced.
  2. Turning on Camper Mode. When the Model S is in park mode, there is a button above the Aircon that say, “Keep Climate ON” as you switch this to ON position the aircon will not turn itself off unless the battery has less than 20 % charge left. Our experience shows that keeping climate between 19oC ( 66oF ) and 21oC ( 70oF ) gives an ideal sleep temperature, although it depends on weather conditions.
  3. Fan speed at speed 2 on a cool day could be sufficient and would consume about 20-25 km ( 13-16 miles) range for 8 hours sleep. Fan speed 4-5 or more on a hot day typically consume 40-45 km ( 25-28 miles ) range after 8 hour. These numbers vary due to weather and other factors. Our experience is that many people set the fan speed too high.
  4. DreamCase main zipper is especially strong and self-healing. If the zipper jumps out of position, apply pressure so that it can slide with ease, and then slide the zipper back and forth until the teeth synch back into position.
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