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  1. Place Dreamcase in the trunk for straightforward in-situ unpacking and ideally relocate other luggage to the frunk.
  2. Move the rear luggage shelf to the front passenger seat.
  3. Fold down the rear passenger seats, open the case and place pillow/blanket stack in the front passenger seat and the mattress stack on the down-folded seats.
  4. Flip the case over and butterfly it out so that both Dreamcase ‘DREAM’ logos face skywards. Align the opened case to the rear height step of the down-folded passenger seats.
  5. While unfolding the mattress, orientate and fold out the hinging prop into the rear passenger footwell void.
  6. With both props foot (case) and head (mattress hinge) setup & straighten out the mattress.
  7. Fit the mattress sheet and add blanket and pillows.


  1. Do not sleep in your vehicle while it charges, high voltage and amperage transfers present a risk for resting occupants.
  2. Be aware of your personal consideration and legal obligations when parking in built up areas: ingress/egress for other motorists, park away from moving traffic and make best efforts to seek permission on private property.
  3. In countryside and non-built up areas: seek out firm terra firma, take into account weather forecasts and scout out above for loose or uncertain tree elements.


  1. For multi-day trips and ready to roll convenience: relocate duvet and pillows from a fully setup Dreamcase into the trunk, next fold and collapse the first and second plates towards the trunk over the third plate. Return the rear seats to locked upright position and rear passenger space is ready for passengers.
  2. Unpacking from Quick-Pack state is straightforward, just undertake 11. in reverse order.


  1. Place in a cool shaded area like a garage or goods closet. Dreamcase is made with auto interior temperatures in mind, however when not in use, it’s best to place it in a stable temperature environment.
  2. We use fresh high quality foams, which can contain some odour. Good news is these dissipate quickly and quicker still if you Dreamcase is opened and allowed to air.


  1. Dreamcase mattress is made of microfiber fabric. To clean we recommend removing the filc encased memory foam panels and professionally dry-cleaning the mattress.