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Window Blinds for Tesla Model X

379,00 $

Window Blinds Color


One set of WindowBlinds consists of:

  • 1 Front Window
  • 1 Back Window
  • 2 Front Window Left & Right
  • 2 Rear Window Left & Right
  • 2 Small Back Window Left & Right
  • 8 Magnetic Pads

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We set out to create a windowblind system unlike any other ever made. With an aim that the window blinds would become an extension of the interior of your Tesla we created a solid cassette design for thermal insulation – foldable & compact. The outside ballistic nylon fabric in black gives excellent privacy as to give you the possibility to camp anywhere incognito whilst the cars interior contains a bright & cozy atmosphere with a sense of spaciousness.

The windowblinds can be installed in just a few minutes and the magnetic lock system makes it such that all side doors can be attached whilst standing outside of the car. The front and rear window has magnets with extra pads that holds them in place through the glass. For the back window we added a movie theater adjustable ipad holder that can be used with any size screen. the whole set folds together into the front blind that becomes a storage bag.