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Tesla model S mattress

Platform Bed

DreamCase was designed to make car travel spontaneous, convenient and safe by swiftly unfolding into a double mattress for the coziest of rest. With a dual-layer memory foam mattress, bedding, and pillows neatly encased, DreamCase assists pack and forget travel in one beautiful compact form-factor. DreamCase is hand-made in Europe at our own facility using premium automotive class materials.

Tesla model S bed

DreamCase Includes

◦ Case

◦ Dual Memory Mattress

◦ Mattress Frontal Support System

◦ Two Dual Shape Roll n’ Zip Pillows

◦ Anti Slip Case Surface

◦ Soft Vegan Leather

◦ Configure 8 color variations

◦ Hand Assembled

best tesla model s mattress

Platform Bed Design

DreamCase exterior functions as a storage case, yet, while in use, it serves as a height prop. It brings vehicle trunk height up to the folded down rear seats and combines with a mattress integrated prop to bridge over the rear passenger footwell, so the rest surface remains flatter.

sleep in tesla model S

Frontal Support

Adjustable Frontal Support System holds the mattress in place in the front part. The bed length will be extended by moving the seats up further. Leaving a gap between mattress & front seats extends the bed length up to 205 cm. (6.7 ft)

best tesla model s bed

Simplified Design That Does More

DreamCase comes with a built-in trunk leveling platform and a case design that incorporates a built-in trunk leveling platform. Frontal support system for the mattress in the leg room area in-between the seats. Fold your DreamCase into Standby Mode in the trunk and keep it ready to be turned into a bed in 30 seconds. Convert the DreamCase from Standby Mode to Couch Mode: Extend the Frontal Support Pads and interlock the top mattress panel in the trunk at a 45’ angle for Couch Mode.

Worldwide Delivery

DreamCase delivers worldwide with tracking codes to follow the package all the way to your door. Delivery times are generally 1-3 weeks depending on the country and availability. Write to info@dreamcase.eu and connect to our support team for special requests to ensure your DreamCase arrives in time for your trip or info about DreamCase for other cars.