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Gen3 Platform DreamCase

DreamCase revolutionizes travel with premium quality car beds. Handcrafted in Europe, each bed combines top-tier materials for durability and comfort. Say goodbye to hefty hotel bills and increase travel affordably. Perfect for spontaneous weekend getaways & ideal for quick transitions for business professionals. DreamCase ensures safety and convenience, turning your vehicle into a cozy haven. Elevate your travel experiences with DreamCase and embark on adventures where comfort and efficiency meet wanderlust. Your ultimate travel companion awaits.

DreamCase Includes

◦ Carbon Case With Vegan Leather

◦ 60 mm Dual Foam Memory Winged Mattress

◦ Adjustable Mattress Frontal Support

◦ Premium Travel Duvet

◦ 8 Color Variations

◦ Couch Mode

◦ Hand Made In Europe

Soft Case

DreamCase was designed to make car travel spontaneous, convenient and safe by swiftly unfolding into a double mattress for the coziest of rest. With a dual-layer memory foam mattress, bedding, and pillows neatly encased, DreamCase assists pack and forget travel in one beautiful compact form-factor. DreamCase is hand-made in Europe at our own facility using premium automotive class materials.

Fontal Support

Adjustable Frontal Support System holds the mattress in place in the front part. The bed length will be extended by moving the seats up further. Leaving a gap between mattress & front seats extends the bed length up to 205 cm. (6.7 ft)

Standby Mode

Store the DreamCase in a Standby Mode position ready to fold into a bed in 30 seconds. Couch Mode is made by interlocking the top mattress panel in a 45’ angle using the frontal support plate adjustable pads in high position.