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Tesla mattress

Premium Car Beds

DreamCase transforms your car into a cozy Pod-House-On-Wheels, making car travel an adventure with comfort and convenience. Designed for spontaneity and safety, DreamCase swiftly unfolds into a spacious double mattress with side-wings, for the coziest rest on the go. This innovative travel solution features a multi-layer memory foam mattress, case to level the trunk, a car duvet, all neatly encased, ensuring a snug and restful experience. With DreamCase, your travels become pack-and-forget adventures within a beautifully compact form-factor.

tesla bed

Gen3 DreamCase

Model S & Other Cars

tesla mattress for model y

Gen3 DreamCase

Model 3 X Y & Other Cars

tesla windowblinds for model 3, X, Y and S


Thermal Insulation, Privacy & Theatre Mode.